July 2022

Present status of construction as on  July 2022 

Total Structure,Brick works of all blocks completed ,70% of external plastering completed with a primary coat of painting.

Internal plastering, electrical conduiting & plumbing works progressing in all the blocks. External works, Amphy Theatre, Club House & Compound wall has started.

completion & Handover March 2023.

Present status of construction as on  January 2022 

Structural part of building :-- 

Basement+Stilt+7 floors ( all roof slabs) were fully completed in all respects. 

Clubhouse :-- G.floor -- Column concrete completed. 

Head room, LMR and OHT works are under progress. 


Superstructure (Finishing part) 

a) Blockwork :--  The block work masonry at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor were fully completed.  6th floor 70% and 7thfloor 65% block work completed and remaining are under progress. Parapet wall -- 50% completed. 

b) Ceiling plastering:--  The ceiling plastering work upto 5th floor fully completed and 6 th floor is under progress. 

c) External Plastering :-- North side of A and G block -- 90% completed. Remaining area of A block west and G block east are under progress.  

d) Elevation features like boxing, additional chajja slabs, cornice, arch and coping works at North side of A and G block -- 50% completed.   


Electrical work :-- 

a) Ceiling concealed conduits at all roof slabs were fully completed. 

b) Wall chasing conduits upto 4 floors fully completed and 5 th floor under progress. 


UPVC windows :-- UPVC Windows & Doors material ready at Vendors factory for fabrication 

Doors :-- Same as above as detailed in window description. 


Miscellaneous works :--  

a) UG sump, RO water sump, Fire fighting sump, Collection sumps, Sewage Treatment plant, Electrical rooms, Driver waiting, Maintenance people office rooms,  Garbage rooms - All civil works including waterproofing fully completed. Ready for fixing of concerned pumps. 

b) Soil filling around the building -- 1/4th of filling height completed with consolidation. 

c) Main entrance approach road to site -- Fully over.  

d) Infrastructure roads -- Boundary marking and 1 st layer finished. 

e) Vendor finalised works :-- Tile supply and fixing, painting works, Lifts of 14 nos, STP operations, UG pump, FF pumps were finalised along with other co-ordinated services.